[tip] 10 Tips for (journalists) Designing Infographics

| | [tip] 10 Tips for (journalists) Designing Infographics

[tip] 10 Tips for (journalists) Designing Infographics

Assuming you’re not working for a media corporation with huge graphics and statistics departments at your disposal, you may want to create some infographics for your own articles.  With today’s flood of information, infographics allow readers to quickly digest and understand complex data.  A good infographic will not only inform readers, but will also create interest and convince people to read your article similar to how good headlines and photos attract readers.  In contrast, both boring and overly complex graphics will quickly convince readers to ignore your article.

10 Tips for (journalists) Designing Infographics door Randy Krum, President of InfoNewt:

Data Visualization, Infographic Design, Visual Thinking, Product Development and Marketing professional fascinated by good infographics.  Always looking for better ways to get the point across.
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