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Friendship, trust and play are important elements of design

A TED talk from Tim Brown (IDEO) from 2008: friendship, trust, play and the way we learn as young kids are important for innovation. Keeping the explorative minds, the ability to play and think with your hands and the role-playing alive throughout adolescence is crucial for letting a society grow.

  • Workmen mounting core memory unit into JOHNNIAC, c. 1957

New storage

The first computer I owned was an Acorn Atom with 4K of memory and a cassette-tape as storage device.

In the mid 1980’s the ST506 based harddiscs arrived and in it’s prime time it was 20Mb and transferred data at 7.5 Mbit/s.

At that time I was working for a company which still had a Philips system […]

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Neo4J on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

When starting Neo4J on the commandline on a standard installation of OS X you will get this friendly reminder:

WARNING: Max 2560 open files allowed, minimum of 40 000 recommended. See the Neo4j manual.

But when you look at http://neo4j.com/docs/stable/server-installation.html nothing is mentioned.

When you Google around you will find various solutions, some of them may actually work.

The […]

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  • Kelnerswedstrijd.Veel mensen kijken naar de rennende kelners. Den Bosch, 1931.

Serving the web

Back in the day of the early web there was little to choose, pages were server by either the CERN or the NCSA webserver. I remember trying both and both had their problems, the NCSA stuff was picked up by others and code was being fixed with short intervals. The patches on the NCSA code […]

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  • Digital Europe in 2015

How Digital is the EU in 2015?

The European Commission has published new data analysing and ranking how digital EU member states are.

The Digital Economy and Society Index 2015 measures digital performance and competitiveness across five dimensions:

Broadband Connectivity (Availability, Quality, and Speed)
Human Capital (Internet users, Basic digital skills, ICT specialists, and STEM graduates)
Internet Use (Content, Communication, and Transactions)
Technological Integration (Digitisation of businesses and Utilisation […]

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Handvatten voor een efficiënter ontwerpproces

Komt een goed ontwerp tot stand door hard werken of is het een gave van de ontwerper en kun je het niet leren?

Of het nu een gebouw is, een landschap, een product, een dienst of een identiteit is een goede vormgeving betaalt zich altijd terug. Evenals een goede vormgever. Kwalitatieve nieuwe ontwerpen of verbeteringen op een bestaand product […]

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