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Just LOAD CSV it

For a recent project I just needed a list of countries for a user to be selected. Fills the need perfectly; now how to get that into Neo? When googling around it probably takes less than  a few seconds to find a reference to the LOAD CSV command. Another half a minute later and [...]

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Graphing on the edge

Neo just released their 3.1 version; although I was using it for development already it's always good to update the production servers as soon as a known stable new version is available. For some projects I am using some plugins; mostly the Graphaware UUID plugin and APOC. Obviously the latest release also requires the latest plugins. [...]

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Migrating data to the graph with APOC and JDBC

At a recent meetup here in Amsterdam the uber friendly Stefan Armbruster showed how to do fun stuf with the APOC. Although I did play around with the APOC earlier the demo was very inspirational and especially the "get data via JDBC" got stuck in my mind as being very useful in the very short [...]

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Dealing with Neo4J 3.1 BETA gotcha’s

Inspired by yesterdays Graph meetup on the new features of Neo4J I decided to bite the bullet and switch our current development for the Historiana project to the new beta Neo4J 3.1. Any moment is the right moment right for actions like that 😉 But considering that currently we are finalising the UI and UX design [...]

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Chopping a Script

For years I've been using Draytek routers for various reasons. The interface is useable for people who aren't fulltime doing IP routing and easy to configure. They are also very reliable and well priced unlike some other brands. Today I needed something special though. At a customer site some fishy things were happening in the [...]

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Sleeping on the beach

When migrating data from legacy systems to Neo4J there are various ways to choose from. There is this high-speed specialised import tool /usr/bin/neo4j-import which offline prepares a database from a collection of CSV files. A great help if it fits your problem. However most of the time I find myself writing scripts to read data from [...]

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